Kappy Industries : Masonry Restoration, Tuckpointing and Brick Reclaiming

Kappy Industries Inc is a brick reclaiming and tuckpointing contactor specializing in masonry restoration. Founded in Dearborn, MI over 20 years ago, we take pride in meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients. Whether we are selling a pallet of brick or tuckpointing a 100 year old church, we strive to exceed your expectations. Kappy Industries works in close cooperation with our customers to ensure that we accurately understand and meet their restoration needs.

What We Do

Kappy Industries Inc provide professional masonry restoration and brick reclaiming services.

Satisfied Customers

Specializing in historic masonry renovation projects, Kappy Industries has successfully completed numerous jobs within the metropolitan Detroit area.

Wholesale Brick Reclaims Available

We have thousands of reclaimed brick available at wholesale pricing.  Pallet and truckload quantities available.  Kappy also can reclaim your project for reuse.  Suppliers to the masonry professionals can count on excellent hand cleaned reclaims.